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Fuel Your Business Projects with 30 Years of Expertise

Joan Molist, co-founder and CEO of Signals in Motion, is ready to help your business project succeed through strategic planning, customer-focused solutions, and optimising operations.
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Step 1: Listening

Before anything, we listen closely to fully understand your business needs and goals.  Through active listening, we ensure we comprehend your unique vision and objectives.

Step 2: Analysing

We thoroughly analyse your operations, your systems, and your processes to identify opportunities for improvement and optimisation.
Signals in Motion

Step 3: Planning

We create strategic plans tailored to your business, or to a specific sector of your business. Our plans set out practical and efficient solutions to help you optimise your systems and processes.

Step 4: Operating

We help you implement the recommended changes to improve specific business functions.  With care and attention to detail, we work with you to execute strategic plans, integrate new ways of working, and achieve positive change.

Driving Growth Through
Multidimensional Optimisation

We optimise your business financials, production, supply chain, technology, and innovation for combined success.

Business Financial  Optimisation

Optimising Your Financial Performance

Using our skills in finance, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your finances to develop a strategy to enhance your profitability, cash flow, and overall financial performance, always aligned with your business goals and always realistic.
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Signals in Motion

Production and Operation Management

Optimising Your Production and Operations

We are steeped in experience of production and operation management.  We analyse your manufacturing and operational processes, and generate a tailored and realistic plan to increase your efficiency, lower your costs, improve quality, and drive your growth.
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Signals in Motion


Driving Growth Through Strategic Marketing

Engage your audience, open new markets, boost market share, and fuel sales and business growth with our marketing services and integrated campaigns.  Always based on our clear and honest analysis of your brand, products, and customer base.
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Signals in Motion


Innovative Tech and Web Design Solutions

Our technology and web design services use cutting-edge tools and techniques to build optimised, user-friendly websites, apps, and digital experiences that engage customers and provide seamless functionality for all users.
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Signals in Motion


Driving Sustainable Growth

We help organisations implement planet-friendly initiatives to reduce environmental impact, cut costs, optimise operations,  strengthen brand reputation, and enable responsible growth.
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